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Our Story

it takes a village . . .

Every small, rural community is unique based on their geographic location,

but, they typically share one similarity . . . a strong sense of togetherness and support.

Wheatley is no exception.

Long before the August 26, 2021 explosion, our village was supporting each other through any adversity that came our way.

The Village Resource Centre was established out a desire to help in the recovery process, but it now so much more.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Values

To build a safe and sustainable location, from which all community residents and businesses have equitable access to information, goods, and opportunity, through a variety of strong and reliable community partnerships.

To help our neighbours thrive.

The manner in which we serve and assist our neighbours will be guided by our beliefs and commitments to:

Compassion ~ Respect ~ Integrity

Innovation ~ Sustainability

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