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it takes a village . . .

This may sound like a catchy phrase that people often say,

but for the small village of Wheatley, Ontario, Canada . . . that's how we do life.


Every small, rural community is unique based on their geographic location,

but they typically share one similarity . . .

a strong sense of togetherness and support.

Wheatley is NO exception!

. . .welcome to ours!

We are a tightly knit community where neighbours help neighbours.

We recognize that each of us possess a unique gift or talent

and we share those with others.

The Village Resource Centre was born out of necessity following a devastating environmental disaster in our village core in August 2021, as a central, physical location for all of the various gifts and talents to come together and be shared amongst those hurting from this traumatic event.

We have come to recognize that we can be helpful in many more ways and invite you to browse through our site pages to see what other things we are doing.

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